EQUATES Input and Output Data

Note that these model inputs are netCDF-4/HDF5 compressed files to substantially reduce file sizes.
Through testing at the EPA, we have noticed that certain simulations encounter model crashes from reading in large amounts of compressed netCDF data.
A work around for those cases is uncompressing the data manually via nccopy 1 or m3cple (compiled with HDF5) before running the CMAQ simulation.
Please review the Equates Data Dictionary for information about the files.

CMAQ inputs are available for 2017
HCMAQ (Hemispheric CMAQ) 3D CONC outputs are available for 2018/2019 .
See report table here for full list of what is available in this bucket.

List of Equates Input and Output Data (report date: 7/12/2023)
This list is also available as a text file: cmas-equates.list.txt

The full 2002-2019 EQUATES data is available on Google Drive:
2002-2019 EQUATES Data on Google Drive

Downloading data from S3 Bucket

This dataset is available as part of the AWS Open Data Program, therefore egress fees are not charged to either the host or the person downloading the data.
Instructions for downloading the aws command line.

Instructions to Download AWS Command Line
Once you have it installed, you can use it without credentials.
Example commands:
To query how much data is in a bucket:
aws s3 ls --summarize --region=us-east-1 --human-readable --recursive s3://cmas-equates

Total Objects: 915
   Total Size: 4.3 TiB

To copy all the files from the bucket (2017 inputs and 2018/2019 HCMAQ 3D Conc outputs) to your local filesystem (the system where you are running the aws cli) and place it under the path that you specify for /your_local_path.
aws s3 --no-sign-request cp --recursive s3://cmas-equates/ /your_local_path/
To obtain just the files you need from the CMAQ input data and avoid downloading the full bucket you can use the --include and --exclude commands and use the --dryrun option to see what would be copied before you begin.
AWS CLI S3 Copy command - latest reference manual
aws s3 ls --summarize --region=us-east-1 --human-readable --recursive s3://cmas-equates/CMAQ_12US1
Example, to only copy the README to your local directory "." use:
aws s3 cp --dryrun --region=us-east-1 --exclude "*" --include "README_EQUATES_v1.0_modelready.txt" --recursive s3://cmas-equates/CMAQ_12US1 .
You can also use the aws s3 cp command to obtain specific dates using the above method.
Please submit any questions or difficulties as a new issue on the CMAS User Forum.
CMAS User Forum